Beach City Baked Donuts, Redondo Beach

Beach City Baked Donuts in Redondo Beach

After driving by this intriguing eatery on PCH more than a few times and wondering aloud what a baked donut might be like, Mr. DG indulged my curiosity and we stopped at Beach City Baked Donuts (BCBD) recently. Reading the reviews on Yelp gave me enough warning that I was not going to be biting into a typical donut. I think if you are not aware of this and you expect the usual, then you might be disappointed/mystified.

Organic Eggs, No Artificial Flavors or Colors

Welcome to Beach City Baked Donuts
The bakery posts a description of their donuts to help new visitors realize that they are about to have something deliciously different. The dough is made by hand with organic eggs without any artificial colors or flavors. And because they are baked, the donuts offer a lot of taste with less fat.

Lighter Than Pound Cake, Richer Than Angel Food Cake

Coconut and Cinnamon Sugar Baked Donuts

We had arrived later in the day, so more than a few flavors (Earl Grey, Banana Man, Rum Raisin) were sold out. However, Gina, the kind woman who works the counter, told us the very popular Cinnamon Sugar was still available. We ordered that along with one Coconut. Gina heated the donuts for us, and we sat down in the modern-minimalist, light-filled shop. I removed the plastic bag each donut came in before taking the photo above.

No Greasy Guilt

Interior View of the Coconut Baked Donut
The donuts have a delicate cake-like texture, not as dense as pound cake and not as light as sponge cake. The flavor is not too sweet, which I personally prefer, and the texture is very similar to the kind of loaves you'd find in an Asian bakery--kind of like a lighter, fluffier pound cake. With the not-too-sweet flavor and the cake-like airiness, I could enjoy the donuts without the residual greasy guilt or mild queasiness that fried donuts generally cause me (still love you, Donut Den!).

Treats for the Dog

Doggy Donuts

BCBD doesn't forget the four-legged species and sells a trio of doggy donuts. They contain fish flakes, and there is no sugar added. On my second visit, I bought a bag for my friend. Gina had set aside a pack that was baked that morning and put them in the freezer especially for me because she remembered I was coming back for them. That was an extra touch I did not expect at all. The donuts reheat easily in the microwave. My friend's two puppies seemed to really enjoy the treats.

Order in Advance for Pickup at Doya Doya

The View of PCH from Inside the Bakery

I chatted a bit with Gina and learned that the chef also owns Doya Doya in Gardena. Doya Doya serves authentic okonomiyaki (a savory pancake that can be filled with whatever you like --vegetables, seafood and/or meat). It is grilled on a flat-top teppan and topped with mayonnaise and bonito flakes. Gina insisted that the okonomiyaki served at Doya Doya was true to the Osakan tradition and that the batter was made from scratch--not from a mix. She added that if you place an order 24 hours in advance for baked donuts but can't make it to the bakery, the chef can bring your order to Doya Doya for pickup! 

Overall, I enjoyed the baked donuts and will be returning to try the other flavors. Go with an open mind and enjoy Beach City Baked Donuts! Check their website for updates on their hours and specials.

501 N. Pacific Coast Hwy.
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 303-3159
2nd & 4th Tues., Wed-Fri 7:30am - 6:00pm
Sat-Sun 8:30am - 6:00pm
*Mondays and 1st, 3rd & 5th Tuesdays Closed

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