Melty Goodness Monday: Pappa Rich, Pasadena

Pappa Rich - Pasadena

I decided to create my own theme for this post: Melty Goodness Monday (MGM). In honor of MGM, I thought PappaRich would be the perfect entry for today. A little background: PappaRich started in Korea in 2007, and they are most famous for their lightly crisp, mocha-coated buns with pillowy soft interior. The best part of the bun: the melting pat of butter in the center. For me -- a complete butter fanatic since childhood -- this is absolutely inspired!

PappaRich offers cookie sandwiches in addition to the ethereal buns
Currently, the only PappaRich bakery is located in Pasadena at the corner Green and Delacey, across from Buca di Beppo on one side, and the former Twin Palms restaurant on the other. It's tucked away from the street in a shaded, woodsy building that also features a sofa store.

PappaRich - interior view

Besides the buns, PappaRich serves small, but substantial cookie sandwiches, a variety of coffee drinks, and -- most interestingly -- clam chowder! I am not sure how clam chowder was selected to accompany sweet bakery items, but there's gotta be a good reason. I must try the clam chowder next time along with my bun. It might be a surprisingly good combo of savory and sweet. If you've tried the two together, please do leave a comment or send me a tweet about the experience!

The best part: the melting butter in the center of the bun!

When the PappaRich server handed me the bun, I thought it would be dense and tough. It looks like it would be at first glance. It is not, I'm thrilled to report. The mocha coating that covers the bun creates a very, very delicate crispy coating that shatters as you bite into the bun. The bun is very airy and soft inside, the perfect environment to hide the melting butter. The salty butter combined with the mocha shell form my favorite flavor experience: sweet + savory.

PappaRich exterior + tiny cups

There is a little cove in the bakery that displays an array of PappaRoti and PappaRich paraphernalia (try saying that 5 times fast!). Below are a few items to give you an idea of the PappaRich collection.

PappaRich paraphernalia
I give PappaRich a big thumbs up! Next time you are in the Old Town Pasadena area, drop by for a bun and some chowdah. :)

PappaRich paraphernalia

100 W. Green St.
Pasadena, CA, 91105
(626) 440-0009

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