Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie by The Salty Spoon: An Homage

Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie
Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie by The Salty Spoon
When I attended the Food Blog Forum in March, I tasted this delicious chocolate chip cookie sprinkled with grey sel de mer. It was a fantastic combination of savory and sweet, with a back note that was reminiscent of rich toffee. Up to that point, I couldn't recall another cookie leaving such a favorable impression on me.

Along with several other food bloggers, Bria of The Salty Spoon brought tasty, homemade treats for the rest of the forum attendees. I will admit now that I took several of her cookies to hoard for myself. My favorite sweet treat, above all else -- above cakes, pies, even cupcakes -- is a warm, slightly chewy chocolate chip cookie that isn't too sweet and sans nuts. I didn't know that what I was really seeking was Bria's salted chocolate chip cookie (and a month later, Momofuku Milk Bar's Compost Cookie)!

The little sprinkle of grey salt on top was the veritable icing on the cake with this cookie. It added the perfect contrast and depth of flavor, elevating it far above the ordinary chocolate chip cookie. I pestered Bria over the months for her recipe, and now it is available to all of us on her blog.

The photo above was taken after I got home from the Food Blog Forum five months ago. Go check out Bria's blog and make a batch. You will love them!


  1. Salt and chocolate, salt and caramel. Those are the two best combinations. If only someone would make a cookie with all three!

  2. I also remember this cookie from FBF! It was delish! Your photography is always beautiful!

    (Duo Dishes - those are the perfect combo...I don't have a cookie recipe...but my salted caramel chocolate bars have those 3 ingredients) =)

  3. The Duo Dishes: There has to be someone who's made a cookie with all three! I say we form an investigation team immediately. :)

    Kitchen Runway: Your salted caramel chocolate bars are also on my list of recipes to try. Wish I could free up enough time from work to do all this baking! Thanks for visiting and for your kind comments. :)

  4. Yum!! These look beyond good! I never thought to put salt on top of a cookie! What a great idea!!
    Would you mind checking out my blog? :D http://ajscookingsecrets.blogspot.com/

  5. Salty and sweet! I will definitely be running over to Bria's blog to check this out :) It's beautifully photographed, as always, Donna!

  6. AJ - Thanks for visiting. You are off to a wonderful start as a food blogger, and I wish you much success!

    Liren - I appreciate your kind compliment. I would be very happy with a handful of these cookies right about now!

  7. I have to check out the recipe because there's little that tastes as wonderful to me as a sprinkling of sea salt on top of my chocolate desserts.

  8. Hi, oneordinaryday! The idea of putting salt on/in a dessert so that it is discernible as a flavor contrast is relatively new to me, but I LOVE it, too! Thanks for visiting!

  9. YUMMMMY! Anything sweet and salty, it's got my name on it. Beautiful picture.

  10. Thanks, Kathy! I am with you -- sweet and salty is my newest obsession! Have a great week!

  11. That's why you looked familiar at the get together, you were at the FBF too! I loved these cookies as well. I'm trying to be good but it wouldn't hurt to peek at the recipe right?

  12. Yum.. I made salted caramel chocolate peanut butter cookies and I couldn't stop eating them afterwards, so yes with all 3 is amazing!

    1. Wow, salted caramel chocolate peanut butter sounds incredible! Something to try for sure.


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