Can You Cut Your Internet Connection & Still Survive?

UPDATE: Well, Mr. DG and I are no longer internet-barren. Truth be told, the internet was re-connected at our house one month after we cut it. It wasn't because our addiction was too strong to deny. I am not on the computer, surfing the web, for hours on end. Can't vouch for Mr. DG ;) I will say that I don't feel as compulsive about using the internet after our one-month hiatus. Plus, I am still proceeding with my Pimsleur Mandarin CDs, and I am really enjoying it. I'm still reading books, and I am still getting to bed well before 2 AM. So the verdict is: yes, you can cut your internet and still survive. Try it, you might like it!
Hello! I've been out of touch for a bit. Sorry 'bout that! Mr. DG and I have embarked upon a new and revolutionary (for us) path: we've cut our internet service at home.


Yes, it's true. I'm a blogger that doesn't have my own internet connection anymore. The impetus for this decision was the fact that Mr. DG and I are internet addicts. I am an information/research/blog junkie with a love for Twitter. Mr. DG enjoys online games, Facebook and researching the latest and coolest photography gear (hope you don't mind me divulging those secrets, honey!).

In order to change some of our habits for the better, Mr. DG suggested the removal of the internet from our home. So as I type this, I'm sitting in a chilly Coffee Bean, using their free WiFi connection. At least I get to have my favorite beverage more frequently now:  decaf soy vanilla latte. That's a perk.

Lest you pity me too much, I will tell you that the change has been immediate and positive since we cut ties with broadband. For one thing, I'm a night owl. However, being an internet addict reinforced that night owlish nature in me, since I could surf to my heart's content to the wee hours of the morning. Now that we are restricted to the hours of our Coffee Bean or local library, web surfing ends by 8 pm (things close early here in the desert).

I've started going to bed at an hour usually reserved for children. Consequently, I've also been waking up, without an alarm, at 7:15 AM. Considering my usual sleeping time was between 1 and 2 AM, 7:15 AM is pretty dang early.

Another positive effect has been being able to read more, and not my usual magazines... I'm actually reading whole books now! Fancy that. The library is a great resource for free forms of leisure, if your leisure activities involve reading or watching movies or learning a language.

Which brings me to the next positive thing I've been able to do since we cut the cord: I've pseudo-mastered the first eight lessons of Pimsleur's Mandarin audio set. I took Mandarin in college for two quarters, but that was it. Didn't retain much except for a word or two, here and there. Plus, my TA said I spoke Mandarin with a "Valley Girl and Cantonese accent" so I probably wasn't remembering the intonations properly. I really like the all-audio emphasis of the Pimsleur set. It would be nice to be able to read and write Chinese at some point, but I'll just take it one step at a time. Shouldn't I know how to speak Mandarin already? Well, I know I'm Chinese, but I was born in downtown LA, so cut me some slack! :) I can speak some Cantonese, so that's something, right??

As you can imagine, not having instant internet access means I can't check email or catch up on my favorite shows (oh, yeah, we don't have cable tv either) or print out a map from Google Maps. I do have a limited amount of internet access each month on my smart phone, but it's a pain to check email on that tiny screen. Slowly, I'm realizing that I don't HAVE to be attached to the internet 24/7. I lived without it for most of my life and I am adjusting to living without now.

So that's the big news from Dishy Goodness HQ. One more thing, I am also playing around with the look of my blog -- I made a new header and changed my profile pic. Let me know what you think. It will most likely be an evolving process for a while.

I promise the next blog will be all about food again. Thanks for reading!


  1. Sounds like it's been a very positive experience for the both of you! Our internet was down for a week last week and I pretty much went bananas. There's only one laptop in our home, so that helps a bit.

  2. Hi, Gastronomer! I went a little bananas myself, but I'm slowly unwinding. It's definitely a new experience, considering I've had internet since 1995!! :) We might be getting a 2nd laptop, though. Too hard sharing one between the two of us, espec. if one of us is at the library and the other is at Coffee Bean. ;) Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Donna, I really h8 you guys for doing this! Why? Because you're forcing me to face a stark reality: That I, too, am an internet addict.

    It's not all my fault of course, since the insiduously intoxicating effects of web surfing creep up on one's self in stockinged feet. (Ok, ok, so I'm still *somewhat* in denial) You know how it is; you start off innocently enough by curling up on the bed next to the laptop with a hot cup of tea perched on the nightstand. 'I am,' you tell yourself, 'just going to check out that new concealer from Shiseido that I saw advertised in the latest issue of Elle magazine, then I'm going to... [insert whatever activity you've delusionally convinced yourself you might actually do after you scanty interlude on the net]' Haha, hahahahaha! Like *that's* going to happen!

    Six hours later, it's now 2 am, your significant other is snoring loudly next to you with a pillow over his head to block out the evil glow from your LCD screen in your darkened bedroom, your untouched tea is cold and somehow you've ended up on espn.com reading some article about the Super Bowl (whatever, that is) with absolutely no idea why you're there. Hint: It was a link from article to a blog written by the girlfriend of a linebacker who plays for the New Orleans Saints who was raving about her terrific new concealer from Shiseido...

    Sound familiar?

    So, curse you and your hubbie for waking me from my blissful, web-induced stupor. You have transformed what were the cute little, merrily blinking green lights of my modem into a loathsome, multi-eyed tormenter, constantly mocking me with his evil winks. In fact, if my morse code is correct, I think the flashing green lights are spelling out y-o-u-a-r-e-m-i-n-e.

    Man, I hate cold tea.

  4. BTW, like the new looks. Changing things up once in a while keeps things fresh. And fresh, as any gourmand will attest, is the basis of all things wonderful. And yes, there are exceptions, like wine and kimchee...

  5. Hi, Mochiko-chan! Thank you for admitting and sharing your own battle with internet addiction. :) I am sure you are not alone in your realization, and maybe this is a chance to embark on a new path in 2010? Or at least take a brief stroll...?

    I also appreciate your comments about the new changes to my blog design. More changes to come. :) Thanks for reading!


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